In this page you can see a gallery about making of a german instrument, seeing details not visible when the instrument is finished.






Plane is put on the baseboard, where it will be drawn.


The structure is finished, with liner glued on triangles and wrestplank placed on.

Complete case

Sides are glued on structure.


Detail of wrestplank, lower and upper bellyrail prepared to receive the 4' hitchpin rail.


Soundboard planing.


detail of plane used for soundboard thicknessing.


The soundboard is ready to be placed on, with 4' hitchpin rail and soundbars glued on lower side.

Finished case

The case is finished, with soundboard glued on.

Hitchpin rail

Detail of hitchpin rail and 8' bridge


The keyframes of the two keyboards are finished.

Keys drawing

The keys are drawn on the ebony layers.


The dogs are placed and glued.

chromatic keys

Chromatic keys are glued on the levers.

Diatonic key

Keys are carved on lower side, to obtain a perfect balance.

Wresplank drilling

The wrestplank has been drilled to receive tuning pins.

Registers levers

The shape of the register levers drawn on walnut wood.


The registers, topped with leather on upper side, to obtain a silent action.

Jackrail supports

The jackrail supports made of cherry wood.


A unfinished jack; a felt for string damping will be placed on it.

Registers gap

The jacks are finished and placed on.

Keyboard knees

The keyboard knees have been made of cherry wood by Emanuele Scirč.

Sides knees

The shape of sides knees is drawn on two lime layers

Sides knees

After carving, the sides knees are placed on their position.

Complete case on upper stand

The case has been finished and placed on upper part of the stand.


The stand has eight legs; every leg is made of twentythree parts.

Gluing legs

The finished legs are glued on upper and lower part of the stand.